Cool Apps and iPhone Gadgets for Babies and Toddlers

It’s incredible that my daughter knows how to use the ipod, ipad, and iphone practically as well as I do. And beyond entertainment, these tools offer amazing distraction when traveling, sitting at a restaurant, or waiting at the doctor’s office. But with the wealth of apps available, it’s sometimes difficult to sift through everything. Here are some of our favorites for babies and toddlers.




iPhone Gadgets for Baby

Launching in 2011 you can now keep your phone safe while your baby has it and try these cool new IPhone accessories.

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn iCan Play Case

The laugh and learn is a new toy by Fisher Price that premiered at this year’s Toy Fair in NYC. It is a hard case covering that encases your phone and plays apps for your little one to enjoy without ruining your phone. Win win!

Inantino Smart Phone Hugger

This is for all smart phone users and has an animal mouth with downloadable app store one of which is called “Hunting for Babies” $7




Apps For Babies

Baby Sign ASL

This is a great reference for parents, with video clips of over 200 baby signs (ASL). More info here.

White Noise Baby

This app includes a variety of sounds perfect for baby, including a car ride, classical music, and doppler ultrasound of the womb. More info here.

A World of Lullabies

This app plays lullabies, and also provides the lyrics so you can sing along. More info here.

Apps For Toddlers


in this free app, you can create bubbles with your finger and then pop them. Simple, but fun, “Bubbles” was created by a mom to entertain her daughter on a 12 hour flight to Korea. More info here

Peekaboo Barn

In this app, farm animals pop out of a bouncing barn when your toddler taps the doors. It also teaches children the names of animals in Spanish and English. More info here.

Wheels on the Bus

As the name might suggest, this is an interactive music book. Listen to the song in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian; record your children singing; have fun with music and reading! More info here.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Another musical book, this app also teaches children about the environment and animals.  The friendly fly answers a variety of questions such as: what makes a rainbow?, and what makes a plant grow? More info here.

Curious George Coloring Book

This is an interactive coloring book with over 60 unique coloring pages. You can even save and store your child’s artwork to admire later! More info here.

Fish School HD

The fish in this app transform, teaching children about letters, colors, shapes, and numbers. More info here.

Toddler Teaser Quizzing

This app quizzes toddlers on shapes, colors, numbers and letters, and provides sticker rewards as encouragement. More info here.