10 Great Birthday Party Themes

Themed Tinkerbell Cake

Planning a birthday party for your kids? Every great party starts with a great theme. Depending on what your child is into these days, which can change with the wind, you may find it difficult to come up with ideas. Well, Queens Mamas is here to help with 10 birthday party themes that are sure to please even the pickiest kids.

Dinosaurs Among Us

Definitely not just for little boys, a dinosaur party can be entertaining and educational for boys and girls alike. Set the scene with some dinosaur posters, or even dinosaur toys or stuffed animals. Print out dinosaur coloring pages as a fun party activity. You can even host a dinosaur trivia game, testing the dinosaur knowledge of your party guests. For a real show stopper, consider making a T-Rex birthday cake, using this template as a guide. Not feeling too confident in your baking skills? You can always order one premade.

Art Gallery

Show off your child’s art work by using it as part of the decorations for an art gallery themed party. A great activity for party goers is painting their own sculpture, which they can take home as a party favor. You can find plain, paintable shapes at your local craft store. Individual paint sets, which guests can also take home, can be found at your local dollar store. Be sure to mention the “getting messy” factor on the invitations, and suggest guests bring a smock or have a few old t-shirts on hand just in case.

Zoo Adventure

Most children go crazy for animals, and if your son or daughter is one of them, a zoo adventure themed party would be thrilling for them. Decorate each section of the party space with a different animal habitat, mimicking the exhibits at the zoo. A great activity would be an animal themed scavenger hunt. For example, kids can look for “something a monkey would eat,” and have to find a picture of a banana (or even a real one.)

The Big Top

Channel your inner ringmaster for this party theme. The circus is a great way to have fun with the decorations by using tons of balloons and bright colors. You can even have entertainment in the form of clowns, magicians, or face painters, which will amuse any adults present too. Stock up on some foam, oversized, red clown noses for everyone, even the adults.

Ballerina Party

Do you have a budding prima ballerina on your hands? Have a ballerina birthday party where the little girls can dress up in their tutus and practice their best ballet moves. You can use Angelina Ballerina decorations, which is a popular, animated PBS show about a mouse that is, you guessed it, a ballerina. If your little one isn’t really familiar with the show, you can decorate with pictures from actual ballet performances, or pictures of toe shoes and costumes. For a great favor, you can get small, musical jewelry boxes, the ones with a ballerina that dances when the box is opened.


Throwing a masquerade ball is easier than you may think. Suitable for boys and girls, have your guests make their own masks as a party activity and favor. You can find things like feathers, paint, and rhinestones, as well as the masks, at your local craft store. As far as decorations go, you can find a ton of things at your local party store, which would have a section dedicated to Mardi Gras. You can hang readymade masks on the walls.


Many kids shows have pirate episodes, like The Backyardigans and Dora the Explorer, and you can find decorations with the characters dressed up as pirates, or you can definitely find general decorations like a treasure chest or the Jolly Roger (skull and crossbones) flag. As an alternative to a typical piñata, fill a small chest with candy or small toys and draw up a treasure map. Have your guests work together to find the treasure.

Wild, Wild West

Give your kids a western themed party any little cowgirl or cowboy would love by setting up a “Wanted” poster cutout. Most party supply stores have them, and you can also find them online. The middle, where the picture of the “wanted criminal” usually appears, is cut out, allowing party guests to pose for pictures with their face on the poster. You can print out the pictures afterwards and sent them out to guests with your thank you cards.

Tea Parties

A tea party theme works well if you’re having the party in mid-afternoon. You can serve finger sandwiches and small desserts, which can cut down on your food budget and helps add to the tea party atmosphere. Your little party guests can play dress up as an activity, too.

Under the Sea

Creating an under the sea themed party is really simple, and doesn’t have to be all about mermaids, although you can certainly add them in. Think of it more like an aquarium, decorating with different underwater creatures, like sharks, fish, even coral reef. As a party activity and favor, have your guests fill up small jars with colored sand and shells, all of which can be found at your local craft store. When they’re done, write their names and the date on the front of the jar in permanent marker – instant keepsake.

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Jesseca Stenson