Artistic Birthdays- Birthday Parties for the Creative Child

Coloring has to be one of the greatest joys of childhood. And while some simply enjoy it; others seem destined to become a miniature Monet. Foster your child’s sense of creativity with an artsy birthday.

Venues for hosting an Artsy Birthday

Museum of the Moving Image offers exciting, interactive parties for children over the age of 8. Let your party guests take in a private screening, or enjoy a guided tour. Parties are 2.5 hours in duration, and start at $450. More info here

Architots is a children’s creative studio located in Middle Village. Parties focus on architecture, art, and design. In planning a party, choose from a variety of different exciting, art-based themes. More info here

The Plaster Party Place is a plaster craft painting studio in Forest Hills. Parties are 1.5-2 hours in duration, and start at $269. The Plaster Party Place also offers plaster party kits to go. More info here

The Brick House Ceramic Art Center is a pottery studio in Long Island City, offering wheel throwing, hand building, sculpture and glaze application. Parties are 1.5-2 hours in duration, and start at $45 per person. Everyone leaves with an art project. More info here

Ideas for having an Artsy Birthday at Home

Tie-dye t-shirts with natural dyes. Send each child home with a custom creation.
Create a quilt by giving each guest a square of cloth to decorate using fabric paints. After the party, attach the pieces and create a giant blanket. Entitle it “the birthday quilt”.
Decorate frames by giving each kid a plain wooden frame to decorate with paint, glitter, and stickers. Take a picture of each guest with the birthday child; print the pictures off to include in frames (either at the party – if you have a printer, or at a later date).

Artsy Birthday Goodie Bag Ideas

• Give each guest several small containers of play-dough and a cookie cutter.
• Hand out miniature notepads and packages of crayons for art on the go.
• Give each guest a set of watercolor paints: easy to wash and something they will use at a later date.
• Create a CD mix of the birthday boy or girl’s favorite songs.