Outdoor and Eco Birthdays for Queens Kids

Our environment is certainly changing, and as citizens of the world we have a responsibility to protect it. It’s encouraging to see that many of New York’s youngest residents have a vested interest in keeping our community healthy. Is your son or daughter captivated by animals, outdoor activities, or the environment? Celebrate his or her passion with a party designed specifically around these important interests.

Venues for hosting an outdoor/eco birthday

The Alley Pond Environmental Center is a non profit environmental education center in Douglaston. Birthday parties include an age-appropriate discussion about nature, the handling of live animals, and an outdoor walk. Parties start at $200. More info here

The Queens County Farm Museum in Floral Park is the only working historical farm in New York City. Birthday parties can be held at the farm from April through October, and include an animal feeding and farmyard tour. Parties start at $450 for up to 20 children. More info here

The Queens Zoo offers a variety of animal themed birthday parties for children from ages 3 through 12. Themes include “Domestic Animal Discoveries” and  “Paws, Claws, and Jaws”. Parties are two hours in duration, and start at $340 (for members). More info here

Ideas for having an outdoor/eco birthday at home

Start a garden with attendees. Give each kid a pot, seeds, and dirt: have them plant fruit, veggies, or flowers. Send them home with instructions on maintenance.

Create a rainforest scene at home with decorations from the party store. Have each kid create a mask or sock puppet representing his or her favorite jungle (or domestic!) animal.

Camping from home If you have a backyard, set up tents and hold the party around dusk. Look at the stars and identify constellations with the help of books or internet resources. Tell spooky stories.

Create a nature scavenger hunt by giving each kid a list of things to find outdoors. Pair kids up; giving each “team” a gallon sized plastic baggie. Then hit your backyard or a local park.

Outdoor/eco birthday goodie bag ideas

•  Use mini beach pails as goodie “bags”, attach a shovel for summertime fun.

•  Make “dirt pots”: clear cups filled with layers of yogurt, fruit, and cookie crumbs. Add gummie worms for an extra touch.

•  Set out dried fruit, granola, and nuts (if no one is allergic, of course). Have kids create their own trail mix to take home.

•  Buy each guest a ticket to the Queens Zoo, for use at a later date.