Preparing Your Kids for Their NY State Exams

Public school testing season is upon us.  Starting this week, students in grades 3 and up are faced with a number of tests that help determine their academic futures. While their teachers have done lots to prepare them for these tests, there are still things you can do to help your child do well on these high-stakes tests.  Here is a list of resources in and out of schools that you can make use of to help your child pass these exams.

1.  In school tutoring.

Just about every school offers some form of tutoring. Most schools offer tutoring before and after school. However, many schools, especially middle and high schools, offer tutoring during the school day.  During testing periods schools often offer extra tutoring services designed to address the needs of students for the exams they must take.  Call your child’s school or teacher to find out when they offer test prep or tutoring.

2. Study Island

Study Island is a software program that is offered in schools and for families. It provides test prep in all subjects from grades 3-12. Students can log on and practice at their own rate. The great thing about Study Island is that it generates progress reports so that students are able to see what they have the most trouble with and tailor their studying to strengthen those skills. Before you invest in Study Island software, which costs about $60 per subject, call your child’s school to see if they use the software. If they do, your child can log on and work for free.

3. Tutoring Centers/Private Tutors

Tutoring centers offer a variety of resources, including small group instruction, which can help those kids who feed off interaction with others.  One on one tutoring helps tailor instruction to your child’s specific needs and can proceed at a pace that is beneficial to the child.  Of course private tutoring costs; a tutor’s prices can range from $50 an hour and up depending on the type, level and subject being tutored.  Here are a few Queens resources for both centers and private tutoring for all grades:

Sylvan Learning Centers, a nationwide chain, offers ongoing subject area and homework help, but also offers test prep.

Another Young Scholar Tutoring also has a number of locations and offers test prep in all subjects.

Aim For Success Tutors services students in Queens and Long Island and offers in home tutoring.

Private Home Tutoring Services works with students in Queens and Nassau County.

By Simone Gobin