Sleepover Birthday Madness in NYC

I am the type of mother who always wants to outdo myself every year when planning a special birthday for my kid. It started out with bowling parties in 1st grade and has only gotten bigger since. Once the 12th birthday party rolls around however, one begins to run out of ideas. This year I will plan “A sleepover!” I thought, but not just any sleepover “A sleepover in a hotel!” perfect. I don’t know what it is about kids and hotels, maybe it is the air quality or the abundance of pay per view movies but kids go bonkers when they are allowed to hang out in a hotel room. The Loews Regency Hotel on Park Ave in NYC gave me a great deal on a 2 bedroom suite and we were good to go. With two other tween friends and one more mom, we set out to enjoy a night in the city. It is going to be very hard to quite explain what this birthday party was like so I am going to let the girls do it for me.

The excitement began in the elevator:

and continued down the hall and into the room..which was huge and very comfortable.

We ordered room service and had an in room dinner party with cake…..

but that was not nearly enough sugar so we walked to Dylan’s Candy Bar and went crazy!

we went back to the hotel and watched movies and ate our candy while the moms drank wine and chatted.

The hotel was awesome and we had so much fun. At one point we blacked out though….don’t really know what happened.

In the morning we had another round of room service and went home. Best birthday in 12 years!

Here’s what we did:

Booked a room at the Loews Regency Hotel – The Loews Regency is a kid friendly hotel on Park Ave. in NYC. They ave a 2 bedroom option so that you can supervise this type of party and not be on top of each other. The staff is really nice and they even left us a birthday cake in the fridge. Click here to find out more about the hotel.

Walked over to Dylan’s Candy Bar after dinner. If your borough tween has never been to Dylan’s then now is the time to take them! it is a 3 block walk from the hotel and they went crazy, shopping for candy and goodies. This also serves as a goodie bag of sorts if you agree to treat.