17 Doulas in Queens and How to Contact Them

In my humble opinion, a Doula is the single most important person to attend your birth. Think of her as your very own birthing assistant to be with you no matter where you decide to deliver your baby. When your partner is exhausted or needs to eat, your doula will be by your side talking you through that contraction.  No mother, partner, of friend is a substitute for this person and I promise that you will not regret hiring a doula. What kind of doula you want is entirely up to you  but finding one can sometimes be a long process.  Doulas are independent practitioners who sometimes only have cell phone numbers to reach them but do not let that dissuade you from calling.  The really good ones can sometimes be very hard to get in touch with as they are regularly attending births and coaching their clients. It took me several weeks to compile a list of Doulas located in Queens and here it is for you to enjoy. In no particular order and in their own words or by review, here are the doulas of Queens.

Lee Volaski- Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula

About: I am a certified labor support doula and certified postpartum doula. I have been working with families for the past ten years. I customize my services for each family. My philosophy is caring and giving guidance.

Contact: Mind,Spirit and Birth Doula Services (718) 360-5891 and (646) 662-7553


Rachel Golstein Birth Doula

About: I provide emotional, physical, and informational support for women in childbirth. I completed labor doula training with DONA International in October 2010, and am working toward certification. I would love to talk with you about working together during this exciting life moment. Working together as a doula client includes: free initial consultation, prenatal visit to clarify your hopes for the birth and how we can best work together, on-call support from 37 weeks on, uninterrupted support at the labor and birth, until about one hour afterward, and a postnatal visit.

Contact: info@postmodernchildbirth.com.


Andie Gersh Doula

Review: the recommending mother, another doula and Prenatal Yoga teacher had used her for her own birth and said ‘she was fabulous’

Contact: andiegersh@gmail.com, 214.641.9141.


Colleen Bak – Birth Doula

Review: recommending mother says ‘ She is sensitive, passionate, nurturing and always goes the extra mile.  She also has a solid yoga practice that we hope to share during labor.’

Contact: www.fullmoonbelly.com


Nikita Maxwell Birth Doula and Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Review: I would recommend Nikita to anyone without thinking twice!! What we loved about her is that she was knowledgeable, resourceful, and very personable and relatable at the same time. We appreciated her accountability and trustworthiness.  We felt that she gave us the space we needed during labor and that she was there for us, with us when needed. One important thing I noticed was her interactions with the medical staff was respectful and with boundaries. They didn’t seem to feel she invaded their space and it was to our benefit. Overall she’s a great person and the kind of doula I would wish for any woman to have.

Contact: 718.909.4705


Tegan Culler Birth Doula Astoria NY

About: I am a DONA-trained birth doula currently pursuing certification. I have a Master’s degree in public health with a focus on reproductive health, and in my full-time job I work on global maternal health issues. I came to doula work as a complement to my efforts in the realms of policy and population-based work; to me, being a doula is an opportunity to bring my public health work full circle by improving the experiences of individual women during birth.

The US has far more care available to women during childbirth than many places in the world, yet even amidst so much plenty, many women are taught to approach the life-changing experience of birth with fear and trepidation. I believe that birth is natural and normal, and can be a transformative and wonderful event. With this in mind, my goal as a doula is to help each family have the most positive and empowering birth experience possible, physically and emotionally. Every birth is unique, and my role as a doula is to support women in finding what works best for them during birth, offering them balanced information to help them make informed choices along the way.

I support women who choose an array of different options for birth, and for those who are specifically planning an un medicated birth, I am familiar with supporting couples who are using the Bradley Method. In addition to my doula work, I am currently studying to be a Lactation Consultant.

I live in Astoria, and work with women and families in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, as well as in Queens.

Contact: teganculler@rcn.com and 202-441-7667.


Rachel Racin Birth Doula – Queens NY

About: I became a doula because I believe compassionate support can truly change the way we experience challenging situations. My passion is supporting women, and I am privileged to work with women across the pregnancy spectrum as a birth, postpartum, abortion, and adoption doula. Because I believe all women should have access to quality doula care, I offer all of my services on a sliding scale fee. I completed my birth doula training with DONA International in May 2010, and then attended additional postpartum training with Ancient Song Doula Services in November 2010.

Contact: I can be found on my doula groups website at www.riversidedoulas.com. I can also be reached at 347-225-5808, or rachelr.doula@gmail.com.


Elizabeth Magnum  Postpartum Doula – Woodside NY

About: Elizabeth lives in Sunnyside/Woodside area and is a postpartum Doula who wrote an article about what a postpartum doula is here.

Contact: birthfocus@gmail.com and 917-414-5595


Lauren Hale Biniaris, (CD)DONA- Astoria NY

About: I am a DONA trained and certified doula as well as a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher. I attended my first birth in 2009, and since then I have attended a range of births, from natural to medicated, from VBAC’s to C-sections.  My primary goal as a doula is to help mothers have a positive experience of labor and birth, whatever that experience may be. I believe that every birth is unique, and I strive to give mothers (and their partners) the type of support that fits their own individual needs and desires.

Contact: 718.208.0578.


Andrea Pryor Postpartum Doula – Jackson Heights NY

About: I am a postpartum doula certified by DONA located in Jackson Heights. I provide nurturing support for the mother and her family so they can relax, enjoy and nurture their new baby. I have spent a lot of time in Latin America and have witnessed the help an extended family provides. Most women in New York do not have that, so my goal is to fill that gap. I am fluent in Spanish and in addition to my work as a doula I am a professional musician, college professor, early childhood music teacher and mom!

Contact: andreapryor7@yahoo.com cell phone: 917-238-8573


Jenny Shapiro

About: I’m a DONA certified Birth Doula and Certified Lactation Counselor. My goal is to give control of birth back to the woman. I firmly believe that access to information and having the birth of one’s choosing are rights that families deserve when bringing a child into the world.  Women are routinely denied the opportunity to birth their children free of unnecessary interventions and I work my hardest to ensure that women have the birth they desire to the greatest extent possible. I am there to support the family, especially the mother in whatever decisions she makes.  I will be her advocate, confidant and physical and emotional support throughout the birth and post-partum.

Contact: (917) 837-5996 or jennymdoula@gmail.com


More Doulas in Queens:


Post Modern Childbirth – Jackson Heights NY 


Kirstin Blomquist Birth Doula – Astoria NY

(718) 626-5959 kirstinblomquist@hotmail.com


Wendy Ledesma Birth Doula – Astoria  NY

(646) 269-5367 wendycdoula@gmail.com


Susan Tapley Birth Doula – AstoriaNY

(917) 584-6902 susan_your_doula@yahoo.com


Rachel Blonder Birth Doula – Kew Garden Hills NY

(347) 429-1657 kleinblonder@gmail.com


Rachel Zaslow Birth Doula – Queens NY



Faye Graham, Birth Doula – Bayside NY

(718) 908-1471