Time Warner Cable Serves Up Sweets for a Good Cause

Time Warner Cable’s ice cream trucks have hit the streets again this summer, hoping for another successful campaign in an effort to raise money for local museums.

 With summer officially here, no doubt you’ll be buying your fair share of ice cream. But what if you could buy ice cream and simultaneously donate to a good cause? Well, you can, since Time Warner Cable will donate 100% of their profits made through their ice cream trucks to local museums, like the New York Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows Park.

 Last year, the campaign raised over $14,500 for the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Children’s Museum of Manhattan, New York Hall of Science, and the Staten Island Children’s Museum. This year, the same museums are the recipients, and Time Warner hopes to top last year’s total donation.

 The trucks will set up shop outside each of the museums, as well as various events around the city. The suggested donation is $1 for a cup or cone. As an added bonus, the truck is available for block parties and outdoor public events from July 1st through August 21st. To have the truck make an appearance at your event, call 877-766-7892.

Buying an ice cream cone or two can be your contribution to local museum programs that benefit the children in the surrounding communities, and even throughout the city.

Jesseca Stenson