A Day Trip to City Island

Another great day trip you can take with your family is to City Island. It’s only a mile and a half long, and half a mile wide, but full of great restaurants and shops. Once you get there and look around, you might think you were transported to a quaint New England coastal town, meanwhile you’re technically in the Bronx.

Strolling down City Island Avenue you’ll find quite a few antique stores to peruse, sprinkled in between the island’s most popular tourist draw: their restaurants. City Island is most famous for seafood places, particularly lobster. But they have a little of everything for everyone. The Black Whale is famous for its desserts, The Snug is an Irish pub, and Portofino provides authentic Italian food. There’s even an old time ice cream shop called Lickety Split. There are rows of restored Victorian houses, original sailing shops and signs, four yacht clubs, and more for your family to explore.  Plus, Orchard Beach is less than a ten minute drive away.

Whether you’re into antiquing, seafood, or just a quick getaway for a day, City Island is definitely worth the short trip.


Jesseca Stenson


More pictures of City Island: