Emily’s Sugar Rush in Forest Hills

A welcome addition to the stores in Forest Hills, Emily’s Sugar Rush opened its doors last month on Austin Street. Owned and operated by Forest Hills residents David and Ingrid Broderick, the store is a real dream-come-true for the couple, who worked hard to to pay homage to simpler days and times with a small-town feel, family run shop that residents have quickly embraced. 


Named after their 9 year-old daughter Emily, the first thing you notice upon entering is its mom-and-pop feel. Simply decorated, David and Ingrid let the colorful candy embellish the shop and be the focal point of the experience. Lining the walls with every kind of gummy candy, jelly bean flavor and chocolate imaginable, there is no shortage of delicious ways to satisfy a sweet tooth. The shop also features beautifully decorated truffles, savory cakes, and a wonderful selection of retro/nostalgia candy that parents will connect with.

In addition to creating beautiful gift bags and baskets, the shop can also be booked for unique and customized birthday parties, bridal showers or any other “sugar bash.” Ingrid’s philosophy is to personalize the experience and work together with the customer to create a truly unforgettable event. Ideas are always welcomed here as they strive to deliver turn-key parties that will leave everyone smiling.

Ingrid tells us “the best thing about opening the shop has been seeing the kids faces when they walk in.” A literal, everyday, kid-in-a candy store experience for her and her family that makes running the store a wonderful experience. “Sometimes kids come in and they only have five dollars, so I will work with them and tell them what they can get and take them around the store so they see all of their options.” It is this personalized service and this genuine connection to kids that keeps her dedicated customers coming back for more.

A candy lovers delight, the shop offers a sweet escape for both parents and children alike and is a must visit while in Forest Hills.

Opened until midnight on Friday and Saturday, drop by with a movie ticket stub to receive special discounts.




Emily’s Sugar Rush, 72-01 Austin Street, Forest Hills 718-785-3975




Jennie Abrams-Rosenberg


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