Private Schools in Queens and How to Apply


NYC Parents seem to always sing the praises of Manhattan’s private schools however here in Queens, we have a few great private schools of our own.  Check out the list below of non secular private school in Queens.


Private School Basics

Private schools, even in outer boroughs like Queens, tend to me very competitive when it comes to admissions. Your child will likely have to attend several interviews and possibly take tests in order to be considered for admission. Private schools typically look to admit children who they feel are a good fit for the schools philosophy so do your research and make sure that your family’s philosophy and the school you choose align.

The Kew Forest School in Forest Hills 

Grades: Pre-K to 12
The Kew Forest School, located in Forest Hills, has one of the most diverse student bodies of any independent school in New York City. They draw students from all over Queens and the surrounding areas.  The Kew Forest School takes a very traditional approach to educating their students and making them college ready.
119-17 Union Turnpike, Forest Hills

The Whitestone Academy

Grades: High School
The Whitestone Academy offers a unique educational experience for students who thrive in smaller settings. The school caps it’s student population at 125 students, so the emphasis is on individual attention. The curriculum, like most independent schools, is a traditional college preparatory curriculum.
150-34 12th Avenue, Whitestone

UNIS – United Nations International School in Jamaica Estates

Grades: K to 8
From kindergarten through grammar school graduation, students are educated from a global perspective. Kids learn to value the culture of different societies. As students progress in their education, their work becomes more structured and more rigorous. In the middle grades, students are also required to do community service. Once students finish 8th grade they can continue their education at the United Nations International School’s Manhattan campus.
173-53 Croydon Rd., Jamaica Estates

The Garden School in Jackson Heights

Grades: PreK – 12
The Garden School is a traditional arts and language focused private school in Jackson Heights. The schools philosophy is to empower children toward academic achievement, personal development and social involvement. The school also places a high value on empowering students to recognize their own individual identity, which they believe fosters a sense of self-worth necessary to succeed.
33-16 79th Street, Jackson Heights

The Windsor School in Flushing 

Grades: 6 to12
The Windsor School is a private secondary school located in Flushing. The school boasts students from all over the New York City area. The Windsor School offers an intensive program for international students from parts of Asia.
41-60 Kissena Boulevard, Flushing

The Lowell School in Flushing 

Grades:K to 12
The Lowell School offers students, who are classified as learning disabled, from kindergarten through grade eight a collaborative school experience. Curriculum is interdisciplinary and students are encouraged to work together. This approach fosters the building of both social and academic skills in their students.
203-05 32nd Avenue, Bayside /High School: 24-20 Parsons Boulevard, Flushing

Private School Admission Tips

  • Look Over Your Finances – Make sure that the cost of a private school education is something that your family can afford. Some private schools offer financial aid for a small number of students but you should
  • Don’t Stress – A private school education is nothing to stress over. There are many wonderful schools that your child can attend so if things don’t go your way, this will not be their last shot for an excellent education.
  • Don’t Study – Seriously. A private school test typically does not only cover your child’s academic knowledge but their temperament and personality as well. Let your child relax and be themselves when meeting with a private school, they will put their best foot forward.




Simone Gobin