Ice Cream Crawl: La Dolce Via

If you don’t have reason to venture into Whitestone very often, this week’s stop on the Queens Ice Cream crawl might give you a reason to. My Queens ice cream research led us to an artisan gelato joint called La Dolce Via. We ventured out for a playdate here and invited along our favorite Italian friends, S, and her two year old, T.

La Dolce Via is a sparkling clean cafe with a decor of hand-painted murals depicting a European piazza. Tables offer seating for about thirty inside, but an outdoor garden is the real gem for patrons, especially those of us with kids! A few tables and benches surrounded by flowers and greenery provide an earthy oasis for hunkering down and enjoying your treat!

La Dolce Via serves 24 flavors at a time and some rotate every couple of days. Their most popular flavor is hazelnut for gelato, and limoncello for sorbetto (non-dairy). We were given generous samples and tried Oreo, cupcake, chocolate chip, mint chocolate, blood orange, and custard. Every taste was positively smooth, rich, and perfect.

I finally decided on a cup of half cupcake with sprinkles (for the toddler) and half mint chocolate (for me.) I think my daughter’s favorite thing was actually the tiny pink spoon. S gave a hearty Italian thumbs up to her blood orange and limoncello dish and T opted for, and loved, a cupcake from the baked goods section.

La Dolce Via serves crepes, candle-lit fondue, and a full range of hot and cold beverages. Additionally they sell confections from their family chocolate store.


La Dolce Via, 12-58 150th Street, Whitestone 718-747-3652. Metered street parking is available.


Katy Osborne Chiu


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