Ice Cream Crawl: The Lite Choice

The Queens Mamas Ice Cream Crawl continues! If you’ve been following along, we’ve been to a lot of unique places around Queens for some great ice cream, and we’ve even given you some ideas on how to make your own ice cream at home. You can click here to see where we’ve been. Next up: The Lite Choice in Forest Hills.

The Lite Choice (TLC) is a delightful alternative to the full fat, full calorie ice cream we all so enjoy. They can be found all over Manhattan, but Queens residents may be surprised (and delighted!) to learn that we have one of our very own tucked away in a lovely little alleyway in Forest Hills. I lived a few blocks away for over a year before I discovered it and I have met people who lived here for years without knowing it was hidden away.

Just about a one minute walk from the 71st/Continental subway stop is the quaint and cheerful little shop offering a healthier sweet treat. Located at the end of of “The Forest Hills Mini Mall,” a brick-lined walkway, TLC is neighbored by a barber shop, a camera store, and a vitamin retailer.

TLC offers a unique “any flavor, any time” approach. While they have four soft serve options on tap at any time, you may choose any flavor from their extensive list (more than 70!) and have it custom made for you in only 60 seconds. The flavors range from 80-120 calories per serving, all all kosher, and some are organic. There are no artificial preservatives or corn syrup. If you choose a flavor that includes peanut or almond butter, the nuts are even freshly ground to order in the store!

I chose a small cone of Oreos ‘n’ Cream ($3.75) the day that I visited. It was smooth and delicious and I did not feel like I sacrificed a bit for fewer calories and fat grams. We took advantage of a lovely day by sitting out their outdoor table, but they also have seating for about eight people inside.

The Lite Choice also offers a range of toppings at an extra charge so that you can build your own sundae or fresh fruit creation. You may also purchase their ice cream sandwiches or cakes for your special occasions!

The Lite Choice of Forest Hills is located at 107-27 71st Ave (5 Continental Avenue) between Queens Boulevard and Austin Street. Enter the alley under the green awning next to Game Stop. Hours are 11-9:30 M-Sat, 12-8 Sun. Cash only! (718)793-9707


Katy Osborne Chiu


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