Family Programs Offered at the Jamaica YMCA

The Jamaica YMCA is rich in history and culture. The facility has been housed in the same building for nearly 40 years and was originally used as a center for all boys. It’s expansive maze of rooms have been converted to meet the needs of the changing community, by providing member and non-members alike with a multitude of classes, programs and services. There’s nothing new or shiny about the Jamaica YMCA facility, but it’s full of character, positive energy and welcoming smiles.

Children and adults of all ages are sure to find something fun, educational, and healthy to keep busy at the Jamaica YMCA. It’s way more than just an ordinary gym, and much of theactivity is centered around community outreach, education and healthy lifestyle awareness. There is a three lane pool, basketball court, and a number of studio’s used for fitness classes, as well as a computer center, multi-use recreational rooms and family locker rooms.

Here are some of the programs offered:

LITTLE KIDS (6 months – 6 years)

Swim classes for all ages and levels

Parent and Me Exploring Fitness (2-5 years)

The focus of this class is on posture, motor coordination, and self-confidence. Parents and children explore, dance, movement through strength and flexibility exercises.

Parent and Me Preschool Arts and Crafts (2-5 years)

This is an intro to the arts and creativity through paint, crayons, markers, play dough, beads, and more.

Creative Dance (3-6 years)

Ballet and Tap dance combination class.

SUMMER CAMPS (5-15 years)

The Jamaica YMCA offers numerous types of summer camps including teen camp, girl power camp, performing arts camp, sports camp, and holiday camp.

BIG KIDS (6-18 years)

Y After School Program (5-11 years)

This is a safe place for child to learn and build relationships after school. The focus is on respect, responsibility, honesty and caring.

Arts and Crafts (6-15 years)

Brings awareness to environmental issues through creativity by using recyclable materials to make art.

Kidz Computer Zone

Spend time in computer lab in between classes, or get assistance with research or school projects

Jr. Knicks (9-18 years)

In collaboration with the New York Knicks organization, the YMCA offers an instructional league to help develop basic basketball skills and allow league play.

Youth Basketball League (6-17 years)

Co-ed, non-competitive program that teaches fundamentals of the game

Creative Dance classes (6-15 years)

Belly Dancing, Ballet, Modern Jazz, Tap, Urban, and African dance classes are available.

YMCA Healthy Kids Program for 3rd 4th and 5th graders

This program is designed to engage children in activities to help reduce potential health risks and promote healthy lifestyle habits



Global Teens: A program offered which allows teens to travel internationally for up to 2 weeks to explore and learn about the world.

Leaders Club

a Program that assists development of group work tools that include organizational and cooperative skills. Groups work on yearly projects and goals

Teen Center

A combination of social, athletic and discovery learning activities for teens to explore and appreciate diversity

Teens Take the City

A civic engagement program gives teens an opportunity to make changes in their community


There’s also a long list of classes for adults including Aquacize, Hatha Yoga, Spinning and Step classes. Starting in October you can schedule a massage to wind down after a workout, or just hop in the sauna to sweat it out.


Located at 89-25 Parsons Boulevard, the YMCA is easy to get to by train (E, F, Parsons Blvd or E, J, Z, Jamaica Center) or by car.


Alanna Holbach