Mini Camps at WorldPlay: Open for School Holidays

While the Fall and Winter seasons are full of fun, they are also filled with numerous days off from public and pre-school.  For both working parents and parents who are looking to engage their kids in great activities during the time off, WorldPlay, a program designed to promote educational multiculturalism, is offering a variety of mini camps.

Prior to opening WorldPlay, Founder and Executive Director, Kelli Herd, was an elementary school teacher in New York and Washington D.C.  Her love for multicultural education lead her to the International Foundation for Education where she conducted numerous programs in West Africa, she was a Community Outreach Organizer in Pittsburgh, served as the Director of Development for the Bridge Street Development Corporation in New York and as the Associate Director of Institutional Relations for Literacy Partners in New York.

Ms. Herd’s goal is to expose children to the immensely diverse borough in which we live and gain a deep respect, understanding and admiration for all that each culture contributes to our world and our home. Housed at P.S 101 in Forest Hills, WorldPlay offers camps that  bring culture and fun together as children explore and experience the traditions of people from around the globe.

Vacation camps are open to students  Pre-K through 7th grade, from 8:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. during Rosh Hashana, Veteran’s Day, Columbus Day, Winter Break and all holidays that public school is not open. Kids will enjoy a variety of activities all week long including homework help, physical fitness, science experiments, yoga, pottery lessons and more.  Additionally, WorldPlay provides breakfast, lunch and snacks for all children.


If you are interested in signing up for the upcoming Rosh Hashana break, the cost for the two days is $125.00 or $70.00 per day.


For detailed information about the mini camps visit



Jennie Abrams-Rosenberg