National Costume Swap Day

Where did the summer go? We’re entering into fall, and before we know it: Halloween will be here. Before you start worrying about where you’re going to get your kids’ costumes this year, consider a costume swap.

Costume swaps are going on all over, and they are a great, green way to celebrate Halloween. The concept is simple: instead of buying new costumes for your kids, or yourself, every year, bring your old costumes to “swap” for new ones. It’s a swap meet specifically for costumes. The “green Halloween” movement is actually quite popular. In fact, National Costume Swap Day is on October 12th, when costume swaps will be happening across the country.

You can host your own costume swap. Consider approaching your neighbors or your friends with kids about holding a swap dinner party. You can even have a swap play date. You’ll be saving money and recycling at the same time.

If you’re interested in attending one instead of organizing one, there are three locations near Queens that will be hosting costume swaps:

For more information on National Costume Swap Day, visit their website.