Simply Sweet Apples Snack Recipe

It’s nice, crisp sweater weather. Besides taking out your favorite sweater that you have been dying to wear since last year, what else spells F-A-L-L?  Apples! You may be heading out this fall to pick your own apples, but do you know what to do with them once you get them home? This tried and tested recipe is a guaranteed success with little ones, and big ones alike.
I am lucky my 10-year old twin boys actually LIKE fruits, but, that being said, they need different recipes to entice them into eating these fruits, especially when they see their friends munching on “fun” stuff (as in, not as healthy) and here I am, shoving FRESH FRUIT into their hands. I wish I can take the credit for this recipe, but that will have to go to my cousin, Peter.  I knew it was a hit when after having this at Peter’s house, my boys asked me to make “the sweet apples” for them, so I’m sharing the recipe with you!



  • Apples
  • Lemon juice
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Sugar


Mamas Helpful Tips:

  • Really, any type of apple is good for this recipe, but I think the best are MacIntosh or Granny Smith.  The tartness in them plays perfectly with the sugar and cinnamon.
  • If you do not have fresh lemons for juicing on hand, don’t panic!  Being a busy Mom, I totally understand, and I use short-cuts A LOT.  Try to keep the little bottle of lemon (you know the one, shaped like a lemon) on hand in your fridge.  It WILL come in handy.
  • I use regular white sugar, but you can use brown



  1. Peel the apples, and take out the core.  Then slice them whichever way you prefer.
  2. Add the lemon juice, so that the apples do not brown.
  3. Add the sugar and the cinnamon.  ***NOTE:  You will want to do this in a container that has a lid, and then shake everything up until it is coated nice and evenly***Final product:


You will notice that I did not put any measurements in this recipe and that’s because you can really roll how you like with it.  It all depends on how many apples you use.  I used about 7 of my little MacIntoshs.


This is great for a school snack…just pack it in a smallish tupperware, or if all else fails, in a little ziplock bag. This is great the next day too, on top of pancakes, or on top of oatmeal or even french toast.
This is FALL.. enjoy!


Irina DeDomenico