DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Buying a new costume for your little one every year can be quite pricey, especially as your family grows. Costumes start at twenty dollars and run up to fifty on average. During these early years, kids outgrow their clothes so quickly that spending big bucks on a costume that they’ll only fit in for one year is just down right frivolous…and luckily unnecessary! There is still plenty of time to put together a costume using things you already have at home.




Baby Hobo

This one is super easy, because almost all moms of boys have these things on hand. First, get out that pair of jeans with the holes in the knees, a flannel/plaid shirt and a winter cap. Next, use some face to make a beard on your little guy and make him a sign to hold using cardboard and magic marker that says “will work for candy”. Instead of a cute treat bag, let him use a small garbage bag or a dark pillowcase to collect his loot.

Sir Topham Hatt

If your little one is crazy for Thomas the Tank Engine, you could transform him into the one who’s in charge of all the engines on Sodor! First, dig out that suit. The one you had to buy for that holiday, or that wedding. Next, get out some cardboard and construction paper (or have your little one help you) and make a monocle for him to carry around. All you’ll need to purchase is…the top hat.

Max from Where the Wild Things Are

With some basic sewing, you could easily transform an old pair of footy pajamas into Max from Where the While Things Are. All you’ll need are the pajamas, some tin foil, cardboard, an unloved stuffed animal, needle, thread and tape. First, take some tin foil and cardboard to make the crown. Next, cut the tail off an old stuffed animal and sew it to the back and let the wild rumpus begin!


Fancy Nancy

Moms of Fancy Nancy fans are in luck. Her look is easy to copy, just pile on the fancy dresses, boas, costume jewelery, purses, nail polish, you get the idea….

Mini Me!

Dress your little girl up in an outfit that resembles your “mom uniform”- it’s different for all of us! Then let her push a stroller with a doll in it, or if you’re a babywearing mama you can use one of your scarves to make a wrap for her to wear her doll. Next, give her an old cell phone to carry in one hand, an empty starbucks cup in the other, throw some sunglasses on her and swap her treat bag for a diaper bag and she’s you!


If you’re not up for making a costume, another great way to get around the prices of costumes is to get your friends together for a swap. Invite friends over for a playdate and ask them to bring their child’s costume from last year or a past dance recital outfit and everyone can swap and hopefully walk away with a costume that’s new to their little one.


Christine Concetta Gibson