Family Themed Halloween Costumes

Who says you have to give up getting dressed up for Halloween once you have kids? Your costume style may have to shift however, since your little one may not want to hold your hand trick or treating if you’re dressed like a blood thirsty zombie. That’s where family or group costumes come in. Check out these ways you can dress up with your kids!

No Place Like Home

No matter how big your family is, you can all find characters from The Wizard of Oz to dress as. Even your dog can join in on the fun. Most costume shops carry these timeless costumes so it’s easy to find what you need and certain characters like the scarecrow and tin man can be improvised with things you have around the house.

Hogwarts Halloween

You can honor the end of the Harry Potter series by dressing as Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Lord Voldemort, Severus Snape, Prof Dumbledore, Prof McGonigal, Hagrid, Sirius Black or Bellatrix LeStrange….you get the idea, there are lots of characters to choose from. And Mom, if the idea of dressing as a wizard or a witch doesn’t sound appealing then you can be the genius behind it all, J.K. Rowling, in a smart black suit.

Retro Trick or Treating

Vintage obsessed moms, dress your clan as members of the Brady Bunch. It makes for a great excuse to raid the thrift store and figuring out your Halloween game plan and getting cute clothes at the same time is multitasking at its greatest.

From the Tube…

Though it will show the neighborhood just how much tv you let your kids watch, why not dress up as characters from their favorite show? Curious George fans can be the monkey himself while Dad dresses as the man in the yellow hat and mom as Professor Wiseman. Bob the Builder Fans, a quick trip to Home Depot for hard hats, tool belts, and your own jeans and flannel shirts are all you need to transform into Bob the Builder and Wendy and mini Bob the Builders…. Plus, your kid will love playing with the items you bought long after Halloween.

Super Halloween

There are enough superheros to go around when it comes to Halloween costumes. Just pick your favorite! Superman, Wonderwoman, Batman, Batgirl, Captain America, etc……. Most costume stores will carry these as well, making this an easy one to pull off.


Hopefully you gleaned some ideas to make this Halloween fun for the whole family!


Christine Concetta Gibson