Kids Music that Parents Will Like

Parents: good news…there is absolutely no reason that you have to listen to the Wiggles! There are plenty of cool bands who make good kids music as well as artists who exclusively make kids music which is easy on adult ears.

Good music is more affordable than ever now too, you can enjoy these bands without spending any money by creating Pandora stations using the band’s name or by checking out or requesting the cds from your local Queens Public Library.

If you don’t already have “Jack Johnson & Friends, Sing A Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George”, you need to pick it up. You can listen to it over and over again, and you won’t mind having these sweet songs stuck in your head. Whether you’re a fan of Jack Johnson’s adult music or not, this is a great album for parents to have on hand. His songs have important themes from caring for the earth to sharing and being a good friend and his collaboration with Ben Harper called “My Own Two Hands” is sure to make you cry.

Another mellow artist to check out is Kimya Dawson, originally from the band Moldy Peaches who released a sweet kid’s album in 2008 called “Alphabutt”. You’ll recognize her voice from the movie Juno; she sings all the songs on the film’s soundtrack. “Alphabutt” is warm and fuzzy, Kimya wrote it just after giving birth to her first child so it is filled with sweet, silly and sometimes tear jerking songs.

Renee and Jeremy have two kids albums; “It’s a Big World”, and “C,mon”. Their sound is really soothing and sweet. It’s like gentle, singer songwriter crooning for kids and you can’t help but smile when you hear it. From their title track comes this sweet lyric “it’s a big world, baby, and you’re little for a little while.”, sniffle!

Moving into the more upbeat realm (perfect for rowdy toddlers) is Justin Roberts . He is exclusively a kid’s music artist with five albums out including “Pop Fly”, on which he sings funny songs like “Stay at Home Dad”, and then tearjerkers like “From Scratch” about his late Grandma and her awesome homemade chocolate chip cookies.

They Might be Giants have been around for a long time as an adult band and were trailblazers in the trend of releasing kids music. They have released a ton of fun kids albums including: “No!”, “Here Comes the ABCs”, “Here Comes the 123s” and “Here Comes Science”. “Here Comes Science”, will teach your kids about everything from paleontology to electric cars to rainbows to the periodic table of elements.  Us parents can learn a thing or two by listening too. It’s been way too long since we were in earth science after all….

So put down that Wiggles CD (or whatever you’ve been listening to that you can’t stand) and slowly back away from it. There’s plenty of great kids music out there!


Christine Concetta Gibson