Local Roots NYC: A CSA Thanksgiving

With more and more families becoming interested in and aware of  where their food comes from and how they can support local agriculture, there is a great local option for parents to consider for the upcoming holiday season.

Local Roots NYC, an organization dedicated to making fresh food from our local farms more accessible to families, is offering a wonderful Pop Up Thanksgiving program.

Through community supported agriculture (CSA), and supplied solely from New York farms that utilize healthy growing practices, The Pop Up Thanksgiving includes everything that you need to make a beautiful holiday meal including half or whole Turkeys, vegetables including sweet potatoes and butternut squash, baking ingredients, a variety of breads and even apple cider.

Local Roots will even provide you with some of their favorite Thanksgiving recipes and a complimentary pack of mulled spices to make the most of your meal.

Delivery options are available to all Queens residents at an additional charge.  Applications are due by October 26.

To order your meal, visit Pop Up Thanksgiving.

Additionally, check out the website to learn more about supporting local farms, the benefits of joining and volunteering with a CSA and understanding more about our local food resources.


Jennie Abrams – Rosenberg