Low Cost Halloween Crafts

Halloween’s right around the corner and holidays are the perfect excuse to get crafty with your little one. Whether you craft to keep from going crazy on a rainy day inside, or you organize a craft playdate, crafting is a fun, low budget and educational way to spend time with your child. We wanted to cut out the time you’d spend surfing the web for the perfect craft, so we did a round up of the best crafts we could find online. So get out your glue, safety scissors, construction paper and get ready to have some spooky fun!

Paper Plate Jack o Lantern

You’ll need a paper plate, orange paint (or crayon if you prefer to minimize messes), and construction paper. First, cut out three black triangles, one green rectangle, and a semi circle with tooth cutouts. Start out by painting or coloring your plate bright orange, to make the pumpkin. Next, glue the eyes and nose (the black triangles) and attach the green rectangle on top (the stem), lastly, glue on the mouth. Let it dry and hang it up on the wall!

Handprint Spider

You’ll need construction paper, black finger paint, googly eyes and glue. First dip your little one’s hands in black finger paint and make hand prints of each of his hands. When they are dry, cut them out and attach them at the wrist, glue googly eyes at the center and you’ve got your spider!



Paper Plate Ghost

Here’s another one you can make with a paper plate. All you’ll need in addition to your plate is black construction paper, white streamers (or white paper cut into strips) and glue. First, cut out two black ovals for eyes and one large squiggly oval for the mouth from the black construction paper. Next, glue them on to make the face. Then, cut out arms from white construction paper and attach them to the back of the plate so they stick out nicely on either side. Next, attach streamers or cut up paper strips to the back of the plate so they hang down like the ghost’s body. You can display this one on your front door.

Tissue Paper Candy Corn

For this one you’ll need yellow, orange and white tissue paper, a piece of construction paper and  glue. First, draw a big triangle on a piece of construction paper and divide it into three horizontal stripes. Next, cut the tissue paper into small squares and crumple each small square up..what kid doesn’t love crumpling up paper? Next glue the pieces down in each corresponding stripe (white one top, orange in the middle and yellow on the bottom) to make your giant candy corn.



Christine Concetta Gibson