Sing & Celebrate: Bringing Music to You

Is your next birthday, playdate or special event in need of a little live music to get the party started!?! Look no further then Sing & Celebrate, a musical entertainment company that brings the movin’ and groovin’ right to your doorstep — no matter where you are.

Sing & Celebrate is run by Laca Tines, an early childhood music teacher for the past 15 years.  Laca will gladly work with you to personalize a party that best fits the needs to your child and his/her little guests.

With hands-on instrument play, puppets and lots of dancing, kids will want to jump right in and participate.  Designed and personalized for little ones and older children, Sing & Celebrate creates the activities and brings along all the materials needed to keep kids engaged, entertained and having a toe-tapping good time at every level. You can have Sing and Celebrate at your home, a common play space, or you can rotate between the homes of your friends and create your own playgroup. They even offer programs for schools.

In addition, Sing & Celebrate will also book regular weekly or monthly classes for groups.

Sing & Celebrate is available in all five boroughs, and also some locations on Long Island and Westchester.


To learn more and see a party in action, visit Sing & Celebrate.