Yoga Stars: Introducing Kids to Yoga

Yoga is a great way for us to stay fit, healthy, and relaxed, but did you know it’s beneficial for kids too? Yoga can do all that, plus help kids with their confidence, in a non competitive way. Yoga stars is helping kids learn it all.

Yoga Stars is the newest program in the Super Soccer Stars family. They are making yoga more accessible to kids by focusing on a child’s energy and excitement, and combining that with the basic elements of yoga. Their programs help increase a child’s focus, concentration, and overall relaxation, as well as encouraging physical exercise.

They offer a range of classes, from mommy and me to drop off. Each class is geared toward specific age groups:

Parent & Me for Infants (6 weeks-crawling)

Parent & Me for Toddlers (2-4 years)

Family Yoga (5-10 years)


Drop Off Classes:

Little Stars (2-3 years)

Shooting Stars (3-4 years)

Star Sprouts (5-7 years)

Yoga Stars (8-10 years)


Yoga Stars also has a specific class dedicated to children with special needs, including ADD and Autism. For more information on their special needs program, call (212) 787-YOGA or email


Classes in Queens start October 5th, and run through December 15th. Tuition for these classes are $190, and they are held at Rockrose,47-05 Center Blvd, in Long Island City. To find a class that fits your schedule, to see specific class descriptions, or to see the full list of classes available in the NYC area, visit their website.