Five Local NYC Charities Needing Donations This Holiday Season

Now that the holiday season is upon us, many are getting into the “giving mood.” Here is a list of charities that support people in and around our community. Of course they need donations year-round, so keep them in mind whenever you find yourself with extra clothes, toys, or money!

Safe Horizon

This organization assists victims of domestic violence, child abuse, and other crimes who need a safe environment as well as support with recovery. They also have programs to help homeless children with everything from finding a place to stay to legal assistance.

Bridge to Life

They accept donations of baby clothes, maternity clothes, toys, strollers, cribs, etc. They do not charge the families who need the donated items. In addition, they offer pregnancy counseling, information on temporary shelters and referrals for adoptions. They are a Catholic charity, but they do provide referrals for post-abortion counseling. They have locations in Flushing and Astoria.

Toys for Tots

This is probably one of the best charities to get kids interested in helping others. Even if they don’t know personally what it’s like not to have gifts to open on the holidays, they can understand that it must be hard for kids who are less fortunate. They can have fun picking out toys they know they like for another child to enjoy. You can find various drop-off locations on the Toys for Tots website, but the easiest place to go is your local Toys ‘R Us. You can buy the toys and drop them off on your way out!

Songs of Love

Mission Statement from their website: “The Songs of Love Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing personalized songs for children and teens currently facing tough medical, physical or emotional challenges, free of charge.” They also accept cars for donation. This is a national charity organization based in Flushing.

Blissful Bedrooms

For children living with limited mobility, often their bedrooms become their world. Blissful Bedrooms transforms their rooms into places where they can feel comfortable, happy and safe. They also create programs outside the home so children with limited mobility can hang out with their peers and develop meaningful friendships.


Megan Ross