Fun Books & Activities That Teach Kids About Election Day

Election Day is around the corner and the city’s public school kids will have the day off, but they may not realize it’s more than just a day to sleep in.  Help your kids learn about the voting process with fun books and activities in the days leading up; by the time November 8th rolls around they’ll be brimming with excitement.


Books you and your little ones will love:

Duck for President

By Doreen Cronin

Perfect for preschoolers and older kids alike.  This funny story follows a clever duck as he sets out to bring change to his farm, then campaigns his way on up to the Oval Office.



See How They Run: Campaign Dreams, Election Schemes, and the Race to the White House

By Susan E. Goodman

School age children will enjoy the way this fact-filled book uses humor, amusing cartoons and witty anecdotes to explain how our electoral process works.


Election Day

By Margaret McNamara

Perfect for young readers, this book shows how during a class election an honest campaign wins out over empty promises.



Fun Learning Activities:


Create a Campaign Poster:

Start by watching campaign videos or look through the paper and clip out pictures and articles about each of the candidates.  Talk with your kids about which issues are important to your family, and then use paints, markers, crayons or even collage to make a colorful poster board display in support of a candidate.

Hold a Mock Election:

Help your kids create a ballot box out of a shoebox, some construction paper and a few simple art supplies.  You can find detailed instructions here, or let your imagination lead you.  Have your kids prepare speeches for the different candidates before it’s time to vote.  Then invite friends and other family members over to hear the speeches and cast their ballots.

Make Voting Part of the Routine:

As Election Day gets closer, give your kids the chance to see how voting works in familiar everyday situations.  Take a vote on what to watch for family movie night, dinner options, or a family outing.


Kids learn best by example, so get excited about Election Day and your kids will too.  This November 8th, take your little ones with you to your polling site and let them have a first-hand look at democracy in action.


Vivian Cardinale