NYSCI Wins Grant to Develop Digital Making Program

NYSCI is currently developing a series of programs meant to empower kids with the tools necessary to become creators in the media and technology fields, thanks in part to the Digital Making grant that was recently awarded them.

Twelve libraries and museums nationwide were chosen as the first recipients of this grant and were tasked to create “learning labs” of innovation. The competition for the grant was announced in answer to President Obama’s “Educate to Innovate” campaign, a nationwide effort to bring American students to the forefront in science and math.

NYSCI will plan and prototype a youth-centered, community-engaged Digital Making program within the museum’s new Cognizant Maker Space. Digital Making is a program that will empower diverse groups of middle- and high-school kids to investigate and communicate science, technology, engineering, and math topics through digital media including sound, video, and games. The programs will be generated by museum staff, Makers in the community, and community organizations.

Digital Making will add digital media creation into the emerging Maker movement, made popular by the World Maker Faire, an annual event hosted by NYSCI that showcases the best of do-it-yourself creativity and invention.

Digital Making will be a chance for kids and families in the community to get involved in designing and creating new kinds of projects meant to stimulate and encourage creativity in digital arts.