Juniper South Playground Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Residents of Middle Village and families who enjoy bringing their kids to Juniper Valley Park will have another reason to enjoy this neighborhood favorite: today, December 2nd at 1pm, will mark the official opening of the newly finished Juniper South Playground.

The first half of the playground was overhauled and unveiled last year, much to the joy and excitement of the frequent visitors of the park. The new playground equipment was much needed, but it only comprised half of the playground. Luckily, the 2nd phase of the renovation has been completed, and the park is ready to accommodate both young toddlers and older kids alike.

The playground includes two slides, a variety of climbing equipment, and a sitting area. The new spray shower is designed to look like a pond, with pictures of ducks “swimming” in the water.

The new design is also eco-friendly. Much of the water will filter into the ground prior to reaching the storm sewer system, and permeable pavers will increase the amount of water captured. A stone swale will carry any water runoff into a catch basin.

Did you know: Juniper Valley Park was originally a swamp?

The design aesthetic for the playground was derived from the park’s early history as a swamp. In 1915, Juniper Valley Swamp was filled in, transforming the area into Juniper Valley Park.