Tips for Celebrating New Years Eve at Home

Most of us have given up on our time honored tradition of drinking and dancing the night away on New Years Eve, or maybe you have an awesome sitter and the energy to still party like you did before in which case, good for you! But, if you’ll be at home this year with the kids, why not create some new traditions for this once wild holiday?

Just because you’re not out partying does not mean that you can’t still see your friends. You could have an open house on New Year’s Eve for your friends with kids or a New Year’s Day brunch for your hung over single friends. To save on cost and prep, make it a potluck but be sure to bake a New Year’s cake with the numbers 2012 on top and get a great shot of your friends and family around it ringing in the new year. Keep kids occupied and happy by setting out a craft table for them to work on homemade shakers and noisemakers, or make it really simple and just give them pots and pans to bang! A well stocked bar will help moms and dads deal with the noise….

If you’re not up for a party, you can make New Year’s about cleaning up the Christmas clutter. This one requires some work like taking the ornaments off of the tree, hauling the tree to the curb but it also means doing fun stuff like eating your gingerbread house! Now that your little one has had a few days of uninterrupted quality time with his or her holiday goodies, now is the perfect time to step back, buy (or create your own) thank you cards and have your child help you fill them out and mail them to friends and family for all the new loot! It’s great to start the new year off with gratitude.

With all those new toys from Christmas, you may need to take a hard look at your kids toy inventory and see if there are some toys that he or she has maybe grown out of and would like to bag up and give to some less fortunate kids. Your little one will learn a lesson in giving and you’ll create some much needed space in your nest so it’s a win win. There are lots of thrift stores in Queens, you can find your nearest Goodwill thrift store here.

This time of year is all about reflecting on the past year and setting goals for the new one. If you’re a shutterbug, pull some pictures from each month of 2011 and make a slideshow of the pictures to watch on the computer with your family and talk about all the fun stuff you did that year. Get out a pen and paper and make a list of all the things you’d like to do this coming year. Hang your “2012 Bucket List” someplace where everyone can see it to remind yourselves of all that you have in store for the new year.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t give up on a fun New Year’s just because you’re home with the kids. Start making new traditions now!


Christine Gibson