Astoria Gets a New Play Space that Also Throws a Great Party

Trying to plan a 2 year old’s birthday party can be challenging. Trying to plan a joint 2 year old birthday party for 12 children is perhaps a little insane, but thanks to the new Kids Playhouse in Astoria, it went very smoothly!

After unsuccessfully trying to schedule the party at two other locations in Astoria, I called Kids Playhouse only a few weeks before the party. They had a very packed schedule of parties, but luckily we were able to squeeze in on the date we had all chosen. Sam and Moe were extremely helpful and said we could come in early to put up the decorations we had created. Moe pitched in with blowing up balloons and anything else we needed. They let us have the party we envisioned, which is a lot more than I can say about another location we called, which will remain nameless.

We had a musician come in and play for an hour, and we were able to bring in food for the adults for an additional $25 (for the extra help needed to clean up). The package included pizza and drinks for up to 15 children, drinks for the adults, invitations, balloons (which they will coordinate with your theme or you can bring your own), plates, cups, utensils, balloon centerpieces, other balloons, free parking for the host and a gift for the birthday child. They have free Wi-Fi, a music system and a flat-screen TV, but we didn’t use any of that because we had our own entertainment. On Facebook it says parties are $395 Friday-Sunday and $295 Monday-Wednesday, but even on the weekends some parties are less expensive depending on the time of day. You can pay extra to add activities like face-painting or pinatas. The parties are 2 hours, but you can also pay extra to add time.  Two hours was perfect for us because that’s when the melt-downs started happening. It was a little rushed at the end because our party was supposed to end at 12:30 and there was another party coming in at 1:00, but that’s to be expected, and no one was rude.

The space isn’t huge, but it’s perfect in the sense that it isn’t too overwhelming, and your child isn’t going to get lost. The walls are decorated with bright, graffiti-style lettering and cartoon characters, which adds to the festive feel. There are 3 play areas for various age groups. The first area is a carpeted toddler area with two plastic climbing toys with slides, rocking horses, and other smaller toys. The second area is a larger padded climbing area with a little obstacle course that goes to the top of two very fast slides. Some of our kids were adventurous and having a great time on that, but most were content in the toddler area. Parents are allowed to climb up with their children, but everyone has to take off their shoes. Because the slides are fast, it’s probably best for a parent to go down with younger children. The third area is a little arcade with about 5 or 6 games, which really wasn’t useful for us, but would be great for older kids. The floor was pretty cold, but the kids didn’t seem to mind as much as the adults did. It is also slippery, which isn’t a good combination with socked feet, but I think my daughter was the only one who wiped-out.

Kids Playhouse also offers open play daily from 10:00-8:00, but they are closed to the public when there is a party. Open play is $7.00 for 4 hours, and if you do have a smaller child, it’s best to go earlier in the day. Later in the afternoon there are older kids who are usually pretty good about not running over the little ones, but they are kids after all. Kids Playhouse is a great option now that winter is in full swing, and after a few hours of running around, your kids can enjoy a variety of snacks and drinks. They are conveniently located about a block from the Steinway train station, so stop by and check them out, either for a few hours of fun or a party that your kids will love!


What: Kids Playhouse

Location: 34-17 Steinway, St., Astoria, NY

Contact: (718) 806-1288; Also on Facebook – Kids Playhouse


Megan Ross