Queens Mamas Spotlight: Nominate a Parent You Know Who is Making a Difference

At Queens Mamas, we’re always excited to hear about other Queens parents who are doing spectacular and special things for others. So we’re starting a monthly series called the Queens Mamas Spotlight, where each month we’ll feature a mama or dad who is doing some amazing things. That’s where you come in.


It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference in someone’s life. You may know of someone who started a donation program at your local school, or someone who organizes volunteers to help the community, for example. We want to know about these special parents, and we need you to nominate them. To do so, you need to email us at mama@queensmamas.com and tell us, in your own words:

  • A little about who you are
  • Who you’re nominating
  • Why you’re nominating them
  • What they’re doing/contributing to Queens

We’ll sort through the nominations and turn the spotlight on our deserving neighbor mamas and dads who are making a difference. Spread the word!