Resolve to Be Ready:Emergency Preparedness for Kids

The Office of Emergency Management and Department of Education recently teamed up for an important initiative designed to teach kids of all ages the importance of emergency preparedness.

The Ready NY campaign employs three simple steps so parents and kids alike have all the tools they need at their fingertips to make sure they are ready should a natural or made made disaster hit NYC.

Two guides, including one for elementary school children, and one for middle and high school students, can be downloaded here. Available in 9 different languages, the guides are a fun, informative and interactive way to prepare children to make a plan, pack a go bag and create an emergency supply kit.

With everything from explaining with an emergency is, to deciding on a meeting place for all family members, and even preparing for what to do with your pets — every family in New York will find these guides valuable and a call-to-action for preparedness.


Queens Mamas is asking all our readers to please look at these guides with your children and:

  • Make a date on the calendar to sit together as a family and go through the guide materials
  • Plan accordingly — gather phone numbers, decide on meetings places, etc…
  • Shop for all necessary supplies for the family and individual go bags


Additionally, the site also provides kids with cartoons, crossword puzzles, word searches and more to get them into the preparedness spirit.


To learn more about these important resources, please visit Get Prepared.


By: Jennie Abrams – Rosenberg