Valentine’s Day in Queens: We Heart Locally Made Chocolate!

Help the local economy by buying Valentine’s Day treats for your sweetheart right in Queens! Below, we highlight a few local chocolatiers we’re sure you and your sweetie will love.




Aigner Chocolates

This company has been making chocolates consistently since the Great Depression. The Aigner family has been running the company since 1960. Currently, the third generation is running the company and making chocolates in the Austrian tradition. They use tried and true methods as well as antique equipment. Shop their web site or visit in person for a larger selection. Make sure to hand-pick your own box of chocolates for your valentine or put together a bouquet of chocolate pops.

Where: Aigner Chocolates/Krause’s Candy Kitchen, 103-02 Metropolitan Avenue, Forest Hills, NY 11375

Contact: 718-544-1850;


Madelaine Chocolate Company

We’re sure you’ve had a foil covered novelty chocolate by this award-winning company! It’s what they’re known for.  They come in all shapes: ladybugs, coins, Santa, bunnies, lips, crayons… This company that’s been around since 1949 specializes in seasonal foiled chocolates. The gorgeous foils imported from Italy give these chocolates the vintage-touch. In addition to seasonal items, they make chocolate cigars and double-filled truffles. And all of their items are Kosher! Get your honey a dozen chocolate roses in any of their many colors!

Where: Madelaine Chocolate Company, 9603 Beach Channel Drive, Rockaway Beach, NY 11693

Contact: 718-945-1500;



Although these guys are the new kids on the block, they’ve set out to have a mom and pop shop ambiance and have succeeded. The warm customer service and child-friendly ambiance makes this ice cream/chocolate/gift basket store a must-visit. The owners make everything themselves using socially responsible materials. Try their chocolate and chocolate covered stuff (chocolate fritos, anyone?) and then go for the ice cream which the locals and not so locals can’t stop talking about. While you’re there, take in an art show—it’s also a /gallery.

Where: Malu, 12-09 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101

Contact: 718-729-6258;


Schmidt’s Candy

These old fashioned German-style chocolatiers have survived the gentrification that has destroyed many a mom and pop shop on Jamaica Ave, where they’ve been since 1925. Now, on the third generation of Schmidts, the chocolate company still makes its treats using the same metal kettles and marble slabs. So your sweetheart likes fruits, try one of their six varieties of chocolate dipped fruits. Or try their earth-friendly chocolate heart box filled with chocolates. Yes, the box itself is chocolate. Get them while it’s cool—this company is closed during the summer months of July and August!

Where: Schmidt’s Candy, 94-15 Jamaica Avenue, Woodhaven, NY 11421

Contact: 718-846-9326,


Sweet and Sara

So these guys aren’t exactly chocolatiers. They’re more like marshmallow-iers. They specialize in 100% gelatin-free and 100% vegan marshmallows. They’re award-winning marshmallow’s come in many different flavors. Pick up their Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Marshmallow Heart for your special someone. You can purchase their items at on their web site, at Whole Foods or any number of health food super markets. Check their web site for exact locations.

Where: Sweet & Sara, 33rd Street between Queens Boulevard and 43 Avenue

Contact: 718-707-2808;


By: Sandy Jimenez