Dinner List Recipe Website: By Moms, for Moms

How many times have you asked yourself “what should I make for dinner tonight” and come up empty? A new social networking site started by a local Queens mom and professional chef aims to help answer that age old question. All you have to do is share what you had for dinner – to provide inspiration for others, on Dinner List.com

Faye Hess, the founder of Dinner List, wants to share her love of food and cooking by encouraging everyone to get more involved in the kitchen. She has been a chef for 14 years, and was even featured on the Food Network show Chopped. She also teaches cooking classes in Italy and France! But you don’t have to be an expert chef to use Dinner List.

You can post recipes if you want, or just post what you ate. You can peruse what other’s have posted, or watch one of Faye’s videos. Whichever you prefer, the main goal is to bring everyone back to the dinner table, and hopefully, ignite a passion for food in you!

How it works:


Go to Dinner List and sign up.  You can then start your own Dinner List group with your friends, coworkers, whoever you’d like! Or, you can join a group that’s already there. For more information on the “how to’s” click here.


Dinner List is eliminating any excuses you may have about not making dinner. Sign up and get cooking!