DIY Spring Themed Crafts for Kids

March is Arts and Crafts month! To celebrate, we’ve compiled four simple Spring-themed craft activities you can easily do with your children at home.





Fuzzy Caterpillar

Materials Needed:
Popsicle stick
1 bag of Fuzzy balls (one large, four small)
Pipe cleaners

1. Paint or color in the Popsicle stick
2. Cut one 3-inch piece of the pipe cleaner to make into antennae.
3. Choose one large ball for the head and four small balls of different colors for the body.
4. Glue the eyes onto the large ball.
5. Glue the balls into popsicle stick.
6. Wrap one the middle of the pipe cleaner around the stick behind the caterpillar’s head so that there are two antennae equal in length. Crimp at the ends.

Tulip Bouquet

Materials needed:
Styrofoam or cardboard egg cartons
Pipe cleaners
Green paper
Optional: Markers, glitter, sequins, ribbon

1. Cut apart the Egg cartons into individual “egg” pieces.
2. Cut the edge around the top of each piece of egg carton to resemble tulip petals.
3. Cut out leaf shapes from the green paper.
4. Glue to leaves to the pipe cleaner.
5. Poke the pipe cleaner through the bottom of the tulip and bend to secure.
6. Repeat the process so you have a bouquet of five or six tulips and secure with a ribbon or place in a vase.
Note: kids can color and decorate the tulips, but this is easier to do with cardboard cartons instead of the styrofoam.

“Stained glass” Panel

Materials needed:
Oak tag
Tissue paper of different colors
Stencils or print outs (ideas: flowers, Easter eggs, lady bugs, butterflies)
String for hanging
Optional: clear contact paper

1. Using stencils or by hand, trace a pattern on the Oak tag. Be sure space out your pattern so that there is oak tag in between parts of the pattern to give that “stained glass” appearance.
2. Cut out the pattern from the oak tag.
3. Glue squares of colored tissue paper onto the back of the oak tag over the cut outs.
4. Fasten string to the top and hang in a window.
Optional: Place contact paper very carefully over the front of the oak tag to protect the design.


Materials Needed:
Paper towel tubes or mail tubes
Clear contact paper
Popcorn kernels
Rubber bands
Tape or superglue

1. Decorate the outside of the paper towel tube or mail tube with paint or markers.
2. Line the tube with clear contact paper.
3. Create a tube-long coil (like a cork-screw) with foil and tape or superglue into place inside the tube at the top and bottom of the tube.
4. Cap one end using extra foil with a rubber band or the end of the mail tube.
5. Add one handful of rice and popcorn each into the tube. Make sure you do this after the foil coil is secure.
6. Close the top half of the tub with extra foil and a rubber band or the top of the mail tube.
7. Turn upside down and listen to the rain!

Where to score your supplies:


Cook’s Arts and Crafts Shoppe
80-09 Myrtle Avenue in Glendale, 718-366-6085

Lakeshore Learning Store
2079 Hillside Ave., New Hyde Park, 516-616-9360

In addition, Michael’s Arts & Crafts has stores in Woodside, Rosedale and Rego Park. Here are there locations:

Michael’s Arts & Crafts
51-06 Northern Boulevard, Woodside, (718) 371-0480

Michael’s Arts & Crafts
253-01 Rockaway Boulevard, Rosedale, (516) 791-1526

Michael’s Arts & Crafts
90-30 Metropolitan Avenue, Rego Park, (718) 459-2375


By: Allison Casal-Dunn