Girl Power: A Look at the Girl Scouts in Queens

Growing up, we had cool girl heroes to look up to like She-Ra and of course the ever awesome Jem but it seems girls today have no powerful characters to emulate other than the Disney Princesses. So what can we do for our little girls to empower them and foster independence and self esteem? How about signing them up in one of the over 150 Girl Scout troops in Queens?

The Girl Scouts are the largest girls-only youth and development program in New York City. Girl Scouts helps girls to develop leadership skills, gets them involved in community service, builds friendships and of course exposes them to exciting adventures like camping and more.

Some of the awesome projects that Queens Girls Scouts took part in this past year include a “Troop to Troops” event where girls made over 22 care packages to send to female service members. Queens Girl Scout troops also participated in the Queens Earth Day event on April 16, 2011 to clean the Cunningham Park.  Over 300 girls and 150 volunteers were in attendance! Queens troops also participated in a Teddy Bear Tea party on December 5, 2011 donating over 40 Teddy Bears for the FreeMAT toy drive. A Girl Scout series program was held at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children in Bayside where girls and Volunteers worked on a Fashion Design Curriculum. Pretty awesome, right?

Girl Scouts range in age from kindergartners to 12th graders. The fee is just $12 per year, a steal compared to what most kids activities cost.

Find out more on their website or facebook page and If you have a little girl who’s kindergarten aged and are interested in signing her up, call Keesha Sterling at 212-645-4000, x378 or send an e-mail to or


By: Christine Concetta Gibson