Babywearing: Local Classes and Resources for New Parents

Photo by Andrew Dawes

Babywearing, or carrying your baby in a sling/carrier/wrap rather than pushing them in a stroller is pretty much the status quo in a lot of other cultures but is just recently gaining popularity as part of the Attachment Parenting movement here in the States.

Moms just love this way of carrying their babies- it promotes bonding, breastfeeding and is just plain smart as it frees up your hands for other things, like that vital cup of coffee!  It’s even inspired some fun spoofs like this riff on Beyonce’s Single Ladies called “Put a Sling on Em”.

You don’t have to choose a sling though, there are dozens of options for carriers, from wraps to  buckle carriers. Some moms and dads may be intimidated by the jargon (try saying “semi front wrap cross carry” three times fast), but have no fear, there are lots of great places here in Queens where you can get some help easing into babywearing.

For babywearing mamas in Queens looking for a face to face meetup, join the Facebook group “Queens Babywearing”. The group, born in 2010, is 128 members strong and holds meetings in both Forest Hills and Astoria. Join the group for access to their meeting calendar!

Formal classes are also an option. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, Metro Minis offers a FREE class called Babywearing 101, a comprehensive introduction to baby carriers. According to Metro Minis’ website, Babywearing 101 covers: why one would choose to wear their baby, how to evaluate a safe carrier and safe positioning in any carrier, and a description and demonstration of the four styles of carriers. Moms and dads can even use weighted dolls to try on the carriers with the teachers’ help! Check out the calendar here.

You can also get some serious babywearing training at Brooklyn’s own Caribou Baby, here’s some more info about their classes for beginners and advanced mamas and dads. Caribou Baby also has beautiful slings, wraps and carriers for sale as well.

If getting to a class in person isn’t an option, there are tons of mamas out there teaching how to wear babies on youtube. So, get out there and start wearing that baby!


By: Christine Gibson