Dr. G Comes Back to NYC!

In case you have not heard of Dr Deborah Gilboa, she is the best, most down to earth, mom of 4 boys, doctor, and parenting expert that we have ever met. She gives realistic advice both online and off and you, the moms of NYC, can see her live and in person (which is a real treat) at the Mamas Expo on May 5th at the New York Hall of Science.

Dr. G will be speaking at 12 noon about How to Get the Behavior You Want… Without Being a Parent You Hate!
“If you could wave a magic wand at home, which behaviors would you change?” Parents each have a list, and Dr. G will ensure that each participant leaves with strategies to fix the most pressing issue facing each parent, as well as skills to handle whatever their kids will think of next! This practical workshop is Dr. G’s most popular session.

Need more of a reason to come and see Dr. G? Well we have arranged for Lucky Lil’ Darlings to provide childcare in the NYSCI auditorium so that you can pay attention while your tots are being entertained with activities close by! All of this is FREE with Expo admission.
To hear some of Dr. G’s awesome advice you can listen to her podcast series on our website here or on her blog.
You will also have an opportunity to have YOUR actual parenting questions answered by Dr. G at the Mamas Expo by Tweeting her your questions in advance to: @askdocg and using the hash tag #themamasexpo
You can also email her your questions at drg@askdoctorg.com or find her on Facebook and tag The Mamas Expo.