5 Great Cafes in Sunnyside/Woodside for Cool Treats

Spring is here & the weather has been super warm already. If you want to cool down while enjoying an iced beverage, check out these great local places!




The Haab Mexican Cafe

This local cafe with colorful lanterns & a window lined with Jarrito bottles for decoration,  is a great place for cool drinks. Every day they have one- two aguas frescas (literally translated as fresh waters) to choose from. The day we went the selections were pineapple water & hibiscus water. These are not juices, but light refershing fruit water. We really love the watermelon water.

They also have fresh squeezed orange juice. In addition to these they serve an Iced Mexican Chocolate (real Mexican Hot Chocolate on ice) & Iced Mochas made with the real Mexican chocolate as well. They are both delicious. There are two small tables outside if you want to relax with your cool drink! For more info: The Haab

Where: 47-22 48th Avenue, Woodside; (718) 729-4838

When: Tues.-Sat. 6:00am-10pm, Sun. 7:00am-6:00pm, Mon. 6:00am-8:00pm


Lou Cheng Bakery Inc.

This Korean Bakery has a huge selection of shaved ices & tapioca pearl tea at the best price around- only $2.50! The honeydew & red bean shredded ices are so yummy! The pearl tapioca selection has the famous taro that everyone loves, or you can try the almond flavored which is also superb. They have a small menu of drinks that can be served hot for $1.00 or cold for $1.75- your choice! Remember that if you are not crazy about tapioca you can order a juice or tea without the pearls as well.  For reviews go to: Lou Cheng Bakery – Woodside – Woodside, NY

Where: 57-09 Roosevelt Ave.; (718) 803-0383

When: M-F 6:30am-7:00pm, Sat. & Sun. 6:30am-6:30pm


I am Thai Express Restaurant

This great thai restaurant also has a small selection of iced drinks to try. They have the standard coconut juice & thai iced tea or coffee. However they also have some more out of the ordinary drinks that are refreshing on a hot day. They serve a homemade lemongrass drink, thai lemon iced tea, thai iced tea smoothie, green tea coconut smoothie & a drink called the smiling mango.

The green tea coconut smoothie is blended coconut milk & pineapple with green tea ice cream. The smiling mango is a mango smoothie with mango ice cream. Beyond those they have fruit smoothies with real frozen fruit & lime juice blended without milk. You can choose up to 2 flavors including strawberry, mango, banana, pineapple, mixed berry & other seasonal fruits. Check it out: www.iamthairestaurant.com

Where: 49-08 43rd Avenue, Woodside; (718) 457-7700 or (718) 457-7770

When: Tues.-Sun. 11:00am-10:45pm, Mon. 3:30pm-10:45pm


Cafe Marlene

This small cafe with decor inspired by actor Marlene Dietrich is hip, quaint & friendly. The coffee is great. We swear by their Iced Mocha! There is just something different about how they make it there & it is simply yummy. Check it out for yourself & let us know what you think. They also serve great paninis & crepes. There is a nice wooden bench outside where you can sit as well if you like. For more info:www.cafemarlene.com

Where: 41-11 49th St. (right off of Skillman Ave.), Sunnyside; (718) 205-7330

When: Weekdays 8:30am-10pm, Weekends 9:30am- 11pm


Baruir Coffee

This European style coffee shop and roaster has been open since 1966. They have a huge roaster & roast their own beans once a week. It is a nice time to go in & smell the aroma.  There are many different coffee blends from around the world you can purchase to take home & they grind it in house for you. They serve the most amazing iced coffee ever with their very own ice coffee cubes. As your cubes melt your iced coffee never gets watered down! This is mostly a to go coffee place. They only have a table or two to sit, but it is well worth the visit!  For more info on what the store has to offer go to: Baruir’s Coffee – Sunnyside – Sunnyside, NY

Where: 40-07 Queens Blvd., Sunnyside;  (718) 784-0842

When: Monday-Saturday 9am-7pm


By: Kelly O’Neil