New Workshop at Raising Astoria Targets Post Partum Depression

Much like brides to be can get swept up in the wedding planning and forget the marriage, us moms can also get so caught up in preparing for our babies that we can often neglect to think about where we fit into this whole thing called motherhood. We can spend hours researching the right stroller or deciding where we stand on baby schedules versus feeding on demand, but we don’t often think about how we’ll care for ourselves.

For us who’ve been there we know how easily you can end up still in your pajamas chugging a mug of ice cold coffee (that was meant to be hot..) at 3 o’clock in the afternoon wondering when you’ll ever get back to those pleasures in life that you once taken for granted like showering, eating, and wearing something other than your husband’s tee shirt which has spit up on both shoulders.

Motherhood is tough! Luckily, Queen’s newest baby and maternity boutique, Raising Astoria, is offering a workshop on May 23rd from 3:30 to 5:30pm called Happy Mamas! Caring for your Physical and Emotional Health (Pre-and Post-Baby) with Melinda Usandivaras, a certified health coach and local mama. This class will help new and expecting moms learn how to make time for nutrition, fitness, and emotional health. You can expect to talk about such vital mama matters as sexuality, body image, time management, marriage, and parenting methods. The cost is $15 per person.


By: Christine Gibson