Organic Grocery Delivery in Queens

Imagine a box of fresh, in season, organic produce and groceries being delivered to your door in a recycled box. Then imagine that you will get it for 20% OFF just for being a mama! Yep, thats right, the lovely boys over at Go Organic NYC have put together a special 20% off discount when you use the code GOMAMA at checkout.

There are many reasons to by organic food and Go Organic NYC has a great list on their website. So what is Go Organic anyway?  they are an organic grocery delivery service that enables customers to customize their items from week to week or set a standard order similar to a CSA. There are 3 different box sizes so you can tailor the box to your family’s needs or have them tailor your box for you with their ever changing in season” produce.

Go Organic NYC delivers to Queens on Tuesdays and we are awaiting the launch of their Baby Products section which will make us mamas very happy.

Check them out, use the discount code, and get some fresh food to your door!