Best Parks in Queens NY for Kids

There are so many great options for families when visiting parks in Queens. You can enjoy activities like picnics, bike riding, carousels, sports, pools and so much more. Many of Queens’ parks are hidden gems in the city and you, the mamas of Queens, get to enjoy them all year round! here is a list of our favorites.



Flushing Meadows Corona Park has so much to offer a family all year round. It’s location and size does make it slightly daunting as you drive by it on the highway or see posters on the subway for events happening there. The fact is that Flushing Park is a virtual summer camp unto itself. You can swim at the Aquatic center, go golfing, picnic, sail, see events, play tennis, soccer, watch free outdoor movies, and even go to the zoo. Here at Queens Mamas, we are all about having fun in the borough and we feel that Flushing Meadows Park is under appreciated by it’s residents.

Sunnyside Gardens Park is where Sunnyside residents gather for special events like the Memorial Day Festival and Out-Of-School Barbeque, it’s where toddlers learn to walk, and older children learn to ride bicycles, and it’s where we make friends who come to know our children and look after them. For many Sunnyside moms and dads, the park is where we feel most at home. “It’s a place where everybody knows your name,” said park member and mom to two young children, Fallon Connolly. “Kids learn to socialize and network. It’s a great foundation for life.”

Gantry State Park sidles right up to the East River, and the aesthetic is a study in contrasts.  Nestled in industrial LIC the park offers natural, forested coves and large stone blocks forming seats, within the backdrop of the steel and metal gantries.  The much-vaunted misting wall (which I had imagined to be heavenly in the heat of July and August) left something to be desired, as the mist was a bit too ethereal to provide much relief from the heat. But that was perhaps the only aspect of the park I wouldn’t speak highly of.

Alley Pond Park has one of the coolest (and completely free) activities in NYC– THE ADVENTURE COURSE! Built in 2007, the course is a combination of low and high ropes elements (think rock-climbing and zip lines) designed for adventure programming, educational, and team building purposes. If you’d prefer to keep your feet on the ground, Alley Pond Park is also a great place to hike, bike, run, bird watch, BBQ, or just to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Juniper Valley Park – With just over 55 acres, there is a lot of ground to cover in one visit with your family. From the baseball fields, tennis courts, football fields, basketball courts, even a bocce court, any sports fanatic will be satisfied at this park. And it doesn’t stop there. Soccer fields, handball courts, and running tracks are there too. It’s also very pet friendly, and many of the neighborhood residents bring their pets for a walk in the park.


Best Playgrounds in Queens

What makes a “best” playground you might ask? Well here at Queens Mamas we have the answers. Un crowded, safe, and stimulating for your kids. There are so many playgrounds in Queens that you are probably likely to just go to your local swing set and let your kids run around. That is fine for every day play but every once in a while try to bring them to a place that is truly exceptional, a place where they can play for hours and not get bored and want to go home. Here are our picks for top 5 best playgrounds in Queens NY.

82nd Street Academics Learning Park is the home of the state of the art Learning Park. The playground was designed to help kids develop balance, strength, coordination, and agility.

Elmhurst Playground – With just over six acres, the new Elmhurst Park is finally here, although it has not been smooth sailing along the way. Besides the fight over the name, which was originally slated to be called “Gas Tank Park,” the park itself has been almost four years in the making. But once you step through the gates, you’ll agree the wait was definitely worth it. There are rolling green hills and lawns, tons of seating, jogging paths, a multi purpose performance area, fountains, sprinklers, and a huge playground with equipment not seen in many parks around Queens.

Playground for All Children - Tucked away on a side street in Corona is one of the biggest playgrounds in Queens. The Playground for All Children is just that: a playground with something to entertain kids of all ages, from playhouses, sprinklers, slides, swings, even basketball courts. If you haven’t been there yet, you should definitely put it on your to do list this summer.