Summer Reading in NYC

The end of the school year is almost here and summer right around the corner.  Reading is a great summer hobby that kids can get into no matter where they are for the vacation. Here are some local resources for summer reading in Queens.




1. The New York State Senate has created “Dream Big, READ!” where students and parents can log on to and create a profile, record reading progress, share books on Facebook and earn a certificate from your Senator. Sign up at

2. The New York Public Libraries have joined forces to create where NYC kids can get book lists that are available at your local library.

3. Follow the Queens Library on Pinterest where they share their favorite books and photos.

4. The Scholastic Summer Challenge lets children log the number of minutes read in order to try to reach weekly goals, earn digital prizes and help set a world record.

5. PBS Kids Summer Reading Community Challenge is a 6 week program with daily emailed reading tips, book recommendations, activities, etc.

6. TD Bank Summer Reading Program gives a $10 deposit into a Young Savers Account for kids that have read 10 books.

7. Private Summer Reading and Writing Courses for Kids in Queens

Summer reading and writing classes for elementary aged students which will take place in a studio/loft space in Long Island City, Queens. For more about me, click here.  For more information, you can email me at Here are the course descriptions:

“What’s Wrong with This Place?” Reading and Writing about Dystopian Society for ages 11 and up
If the popularity of the Hunger Games series reminds us of anything, it is that kids love to read about dystopian societies.  These books are not only entertaining and capture kids’ imaginations, they offer a great opportunity to learn about our own society and consider what our ideal society would look like.  In this 6 week course, students will read three young adult dystopian novels:  new modern classics, Feed by M.T. Anderson and The House of Scorpionsby Nancy Farmer, as well as the classic The Lord of the Flies by William Golding.  Students will discuss the books and larger issues brought up by the books, like: What does it mean to be civil? and If you could start your own society over again, how would you do it?  They will also write an essay on one or more of the books and receive targeted feedback on grammar, spelling, style, and content.
An online discussion board will supplement in-person discussion and activities (and allowing vacationing/absent students to remain involved in the class). $200 per student

Telling Stories on the Screen Digital Storytelling for ages 8 and up
Telling stories is an innate human activity, so it is no wonder that with the rise of digital technology like cameras and computers our definitions of storytelling has expanded.  In this intensive two-week course, students will learn various ways to tell stories using digital technology, such as cameras, flip cams, and computers.  Students will start off the workshop by telling a story through images only, then adding narration to a slide show of images, and finally by working with classmates to create a silent movie.  In addition to learning and improving various computer skills, students will expand their notion of what it means to tell a story. $250 per student