I Want Your Blood

Any parent who has been following this blog might know about a little girl named Minty and her lost struggle over brain cancer only one day after her first birthday. Minty and her mother mean a great deal to me and every year around her birthday I try to make Minty’s memory live on in some way.

This year Minty’s mother (now living in France) has organized a worldwide blood drive and I am asking you, as my readers, and fellow mamas, to help me keep Minty’s memory alive by getting involved. Minty lived and died in Brooklyn, and I hope that we can always remember her as a light that will continue to touch many lives even after her passing.

So here is the deal: I want your blood! and in exchange, I am willing to give anyone who donates, free expo tickets for the entire 2012-2013 year (worth over $300 including the gift bag value) . We have two expos coming up, one this September and another in May 2013…both promise to be AMAZING and not to be missed….oh and you get good Karma for free as well.

Here is what you must do: Give blood on or before July 10th – Minty’s Birthday and post a photo of yourself on the blood drives Facebook wall.

Bonus: Please help spread the word and get others involved, no matter where they live. Blood, is vital to the fight against cancer and we need every mother to get involved.

So far 32 Minty blood donors have participated in New York, California, North Carolina, South Carolina and France. Keep them coming!