5 Emergency Must Have Apps

Photo by Marine Connan

Did you know you can turn your smartphone into an important tool in emergencies? Alex Fitzpatrick of Mashable.com runs down the top 5 apps you should have on your phone in an emergency.


If you have a smartphone, you can quickly, easily and cheaply turn it into part of your emergency readiness kit by downloading a few useful apps.

To keep your eye on Sandy’s path, download the Hurricane Tracker app for iOS. It delivers the latest forecasts and National Hurricane Center data on the storm’s path right to your iPhone. Also included: relevant Twitter feeds from storm centers, meteorologists and others.

Download iMap Weather Radio, an iOS and Android app which either tracks your location or follows a set of locations you select. If a weather alert is issued for where you are, the app will automatically alert you. It’ll also let you tune in to local weather television broadcasts.


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