Going On An “Electronic Diet” – Can You Do It?

We are so connected these days – phones, computers, video games, e-readers – it’s hard to take time out to remember how things were before all the electronics. One mom decided to go on an “electronic diet,” and wrote about her experience, and what she learned from it, for HuffPost Parents.

Lori Leibovich is the Executive Lifestyle Editor for Huffington Post. She recently put down her phone and asked her kids to take it away if they saw her using it for anything other than pictures.

She says, “like all diets, my electronic one wasn’t sustainable. Just as we can’t survive without food, I can’t work or live without my devices. When it came time to reenter my real life, I was determined not to lose the awareness of how screens were interrupting the flow of our family life and virtual beckonings were taking attention away from the real people in front of me. As Anne Lamott said in a recent tweet: ‘At our tiny park, a dad of 30 w/ his 2 yo old didn’t stop texting once. I wanted to swat it out of his hands. This is not a dress rehearsal.'”

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