Moms in the Picture

Me, taking a picture of my daughter

A recent article on HuffPost by Allison Tate has gone viral – for a reason we as moms can all relate to in some way. Ask yourself this: when was the last time you were the one taking a picture with your kids?

Personally, I can barely remember the last time I was in front of the camera instead of behind it. I’m always the one taking the pictures of my daughter, usually with my husband in the picture with her. When I read this article, I realized the huge impact of my absence.

We try to teach our kids the importance of self-confidence, but meanwhile we hide ourselves from pictures because we don’t like the way our bodies look post baby, or we haven’t looked in a mirror yet that day. We not only owe it to our kids to be in those pictures, as their mothers we deserve to be in them.  Twenty years from now, when our kids ask us to take out the “old pictures” from their childhood, they should see us there with them at their first soccer class, or their first day of school. Because we were there – are there- every step of the way, helping form them into the adults we want them to be.

The response to her article has been overwhelming – in fact, they have launched a Photo Challenge, where you are asked to submit a photo with you and your kids in the picture. So take Allison Tate’s lead – make a conscious effort to be in the pictures, not just the one taking them.