75 TV Free Activities for Toddlers

The attention span of a toddler is fleeting to say the least. While TV may be a tempting option to keep them entertained, it doesn’t have to be the only option. Check out these activities from Notimeforflashcards.com that are completely TV-free and will keep your kids having fun. (#16 is one of my favorites)

  1. Cook – we use play food with real pots a lot.
  2. Toss bean bags into laundry baskets.
  3. Paint with yogurt
  4. Splash in the sink.
  5. Pour and scoop some pasta.
  6. Mix some colors.
  7. Get dressed in sibling’s clothes.
  8. Turn up the music and dance
  9. Cuddle.
  10. Play with a water table with water or rice. pasta in the winter.
  11. Play with a light table
  12. Cut a slot in a container lid and drop dried pasta into it.
  13. Play dress up – use old Halloween costumes,  clothes and hats.
  14. Find out will it sink or float?
  15. Blow bubbles.


For the rest of the list, visit No Time For Flash Cards.