Belle Harbor Devastation Featured on 60 Minutes

Photo by Kate Falzarano

Belle Harbor, or what’s left of it after Sandy, was featured on 60 Minutes last night. If you missed it, please take a minute to watch the segment, especially if you haven’t seen the conditions people are living in there.

“This past week, snow began to fall on the shoulders of people struggling to get back up after Hurricane Sandy. Two weeks after the storm, many thousands are still out of their homes and thousands more have no power. A long stretch of the East Coast looks like it lost a war. One place still in the dark and the cold, is the New York City neighborhood of Belle Harbor.

It’s a community of only a few thousand, but it has seen much more than its share of tragedy. A lot of its residents are cops and firemen. And many were lost on 9/11. Then two months later, in 2001, a jumbo jet crashed into the community. Now the storm has swept away a great deal of Belle Harbor, but it did not take way the grit of the people who always reach out for one another.”

To read the rest of the transcript of the show, and to watch the segment, visit 60 Minutes – After Sandy: Belle Harbor.