Black Thursday is the New Black Friday

This year, Black Friday is for those who want to sleep in. Those in the know will be lined up for the slashed prices and deals as early as 5 or 6pm on THANKSGIVING DAY. Retailers like Toys R Us and Walmart will open their doors at 8pm Thursday, November 22nd, thus taking away yet another holiday and making it all about greed.

Gone are the days of spending quality time with your dysfunctional family. They have now been replaced by the soul-sucking desire to stand on lines as long as city blocks to get the hottest toy of the season for the lowest price. But not everyone is on board with the earlier store hours. In fact, many Target employees have signed a petition protesting Target’s 9pm opening, claiming they can’t spend the holiday with their families because they have to report to work.

Has it really come to this? Where people have to sign a petition, that will most likely change nothing, to be able to spend Thanksgiving with their families?


Tell us what you think about retailers opening on Thanksgiving – should they do it? Will you be waiting on line?